Monday, January 18, 2010

DEAR Beloved Daniel Ho Yong Wei

FINALLY........ UPDATED!!!!!!!!
The post is all about our sweet momments. hmmmm............ means ROJAK la.... lolx~ forgive me la, lazy....... call me piggy! '@'
Baby, thanks for giving me a lots of hapiness within this 7 months. I appreciate it a lot a lot..... I love you a lot a lot. We had been through hapiness and of course sadness too, but we still can maintain our relationship and it become stronger day by day. =)

Christmas eve.
got a couple T from my beloved baby boy. =)

291209- mr. Daniel's Birthday
I prepared everythings just to make you happy, i wanted to make it perfect. but we got a 'SMALL' argue at the night. I am so so so sorry baby. Maybe i'm just too stress and tired. I've done everything just to make you an unforgetable memory bi. But i know i destroyed everything. I am sorry biiii.............................. (forget about unhappiness k?)

We went Mid Valley for our brunch bofore the party night.

Just a little present from me. hope you will like it baby. =)
hmmmm....... ini teruk!!!! I did an oreo cheese cake by myself, but................ Failed!!!! haiz~~~ i am so so so disappointed with it. Really really sad.................. But baby seems so happy when he saw this. HAHAHAHA~

My little baby boy. =)
us. =D

natural sweetie smile.
Now we already 7th month lu bi, i am so sorry if made anythings make you angry or what o. I will change and prove it to you o bay....... =)
hmmmm....... it's just a short post bi but i using HEART to type it oh. hehe~ =)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Memoriable 19th Birthday

I was just ate plain porridge for my lunch on my birthday cause i am in sick. Everybody just act like abadoned me and forgot my birthday. Actually this is what i wanted, a simply birthday... Cause i was having a NIGHTMARE yet HORRIBLE birthday last year. I won't mention about it. =X

Well, this was me when i got surprise from My Baby Daniel and two dumb dumb ji mui Adelynn and Inn. Suddenly heard a birthday song sang from Baby with a cake in his hand, and continue with ROSES. OMG, I was so so so surprise cause he said he couldn't make it today to celebrate with me. Adelynn told me he had planned this for so so so long. HAHAHAHAHA~~~ i sipe happy ah bi!!! =D

Nah, ini aku..... with pajamas. lolx~ =.=

Me with my present from baby. =) Neckles, Roses, Birthday card, and SALTY EGGS. lolx~ [oh, and ang pau from Baby's mom as well, thanks aunty. =)]
My first time in my life got the Roses. I love it much baby! =D It's really beautiful...
Night, went to dinner with baby and friends, Piong, Shermaine, Inn, Adelynn, Ka Eng and Kia Siang at a thai restaurant at hulu langat. It's nice view with delicious food.

My dumb dumb face when i read birthday card from friends. Got present from friends too. Thanks babes and dudes. =)
The only picture i took with bi. HAHAHA~ i look noob...

The whole way back home my big brother was keep on calling me and asking me rubbish question, suddenly he said he waiting for me at nearby my house with MY NEW LAPPIE!!! OH SHIT!!!! My dad and mom wanted to give me a surprise. =D got second surprise for today! hehe~~

Roses from BABY~ =D
Neckles and Birthday card from BABY. =D
The Neckles. =D
Present and birthday card from friends. i named it XIAO HEI. XD

New Lappie from Daddy and Mommy. =D

Thanks for everything Baby and friends. Especially my dearest beloved sweetheart honey BABY! =D I having a great birthday i ever had in my life. Thanks a lots............ Daddy and Mommy as well. I love you guys so much. It's will be an unforgetable birthday. Thanks Thanks Thanks!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Taman Bandar Tun Razak

Baby promised to bring me to taman last few days ago.
And today, he brought me to Taman Bandar Tun Razak.
Oh My Goodness, I deeply Fall In Love with the place! =D
It's a very big taman. heart it. =)
This post is full with pictures. Bacause i lazy to blog already. =.=

My model. =)
Captured here and there.
We kena NYAMUKs serang ah. XS
cannot see any bites on my leg in picture. lolx~ =.=
babiaku =)

aku ngan aku punya HATI. kisskiss. =) =.=??? Underwater. duckie. [the picture not so clear because need to zoom.]
my sexy leg with bites of mosq. >< bi's. lagi obvious. more than mine. his blood's sweet. XD
huhu~ we love this picture. =D
After walk walk around the taman. We went to Pasar Ramadhan to walk walk and buy some foods for our dinner.
Last but not least, i will end up the post with..............
this pic!
lolx, it's just a stupid idea from me. XD
so called CREATIVE!


Happy belated 090909 day. hahaha~

Yeap, it's a great day for me and baby.

it's our 3rdmonthsary.

Although is just a short short period,

but both of us had been through happiness, sweet, sadness, tears and insisted.

Even though we got a lots arguement lately,

but still, we are sweeter and sweeter and sweeter everyday! =D

Baby, we must maintain our love forever o. i love you bao bei.

Thanks for the spaghetti that you cooked for me ya.



Friday, it should be my outing day with baby.

But today is different, this time we hang out with friends too. =)

Due to both of us already promised friends to watch movie together.

Venue, Mid Valley... AGAIN? lolx~ baby love that place. XD

The tummies panggil us, bi decided to go to noodles station to have our brunch.

ini dia gambar-gambarnya:

ah te, wei li and lynn make-ing! [means makan in kelantan]

baby's tomyam fried rice. sedap wor...

mine, tom yam noodles.

camwhore with bi after MA-KE!

Danny boy and kai siang join us too. =) After ma-ke, ah bii decided to play bowling, so we went to play bowling to burn the time. Bi keep on telling me that he will win. Finally................................................................. ends up with..........................!

bi with his noob pose. XD

if you guys look at the result properly, you guys will see that......... I LOSE THE GAME. wtf? I got the lowest mark among all. =.=

TAA-DAAA , HE WON'T THE GAME!!! Gong hei gong hei baby. Well Done! =D

ini aku lah............... banyak suka gambar ni. =D
Baby and me with a ghost behind us. XD [bi make it blur. lolx]
It's time for movie guys!!!!!!

Movie of the week, Where Got Ghost. It's a singapore movie. 3 stories in a movie. Overall, Not bad! Not that funny actually. So so lor.......